These are all the must have futuristic gadgets of the future space age.(This page is constantly updated with innovating technology.) They include, 3d printer, smart tv, vacuum robot, smart stove, smart thermostat, smart light, smart locks, smart fridge, smart bluetooth speaker, video chat, aerial drone, submarine drone, smart watch, smart phone, tablet, remote controlled security guard, video doorbell, and much more! The best part is you can buy them now with one click, some include free 2-hour shipping on amazon! Most of these items can be controlled right from your smartphone. Individual prices vary from under $100.00 up to $3,000.00, you can buy all of them for about $10,000.00.

Foldable Electric Scooter

3D Printer

Submarine Drone

UAV Drone

Security robot

Vacuum Robot

Smart TV

Smart Fridge

Smart Dryer

Smart Washer

Smart Stove

Smart Thermostat

Smart Bulb

Smart Door Lock


Smart Lock

Anti Fatigue mat for Standing

Standing Desk

Car Phone Holder

Echo Show

Smart Watch

Video Doorbell

Fire TV Stick with Alexa

Echo Smart Speaker

Keurig Coffee Maker

Paper & Credit Card Shredder

Fire Tablet with Alexa