#Nissan starts #production of a #new #Leaf-based #electric #car in #China for just ~$24,000

By Fred Lambert, elecktrek.com

As usual, China is getting all the new electric cars thanks to its aggressive zero-emission vehicle mandate.
Nissan is now starting production of a new Leaf-based electric car in China for just ~$24,000.

Earlier this year, the company announced a deal through its joint-venture, Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co, to mass produce the ‘Sylphy Zero Emission’ in China.
The vehicle is built on the Leaf platform and it uses its electric powertrain, but they claimed that it offers “the stability and reliability of a full-size wheelbase.”
With the different form factor, it is resulting in a different range of 338 kilometers, “according to official Chinese standards.”
The Sylphy has been around for a while as a gasoline-powered car. Its electric version is similar to the Leaf in many ways, but it is also presented in a different form factor that is arguably more aesthetically pleasing than the Leaf.
They started production of the vehicle and they expect it to become in “a main player in the EV market.”
Hiroto Saikawa, Nissan Motor president and CEO, commented on the vehicle entering production:
After China’s EV incentive, the vehicle starts at just 166,000 yuan (~$24,300 USD).
Electrek’s Take
With proven technology from the Leaf, a very reasonable starting price, and an arguably more compelling design, I think this car could be really successful in the Chinese market.
While Nissan didn’t confirm any kind of volume, it previously talked about mass-producing the new electric car.
It’s another great example of China’s electric vehicle policies working very well.
The rest of the world – please take note.