#Electric #cars are getting a higher #speed limit than #gas #cars during #air #pollution warnings in #Austria

By Fred Lambert, electrek.com

Different markets offer different electric vehicle incentives. At this point, we have seen a wide variety of them, but probably none as unique as this new one from Austria.
The government announced a series of new incentives including allowing for a higher speed limit for electric cars during air pollution warnings.

Today, the Austrian government announced three new EV incentives.
It is opening bus lanes to electric vehicles, it will start promoting free parking for electric cars, and the last new incentive is the one that caught our attention: increasing the speed limit for EVs on motorways and expressways.

They are creating a legal exception to increase the speed limit to 130 km/h (80 mph) on about 440 km of highway from the 100 km/h limit during IG-L air pollution wanring.
Federal Minister Köstinger said about the new incentive:
EV adoption in Austria has been relatively good, but it’s not growing as fast as they have hoped over the last year.
They aim for the new incentives to accelerate the sales of electric vehicles in the country.